SalesOS: All Features✅AI-Powered Customer Persona

  • Use AI to summarize interview notes into a persona!

  • Extract pains, gains and interview summary to better understand what need your product fills for your customers

✅Interview Notes

  • Tag meeting notes to contacts so you never lose them. Includes interview templates.

✅Sales Module

  • Track collaborator and customer contacts using Kanban-style boards (from backend CRM)

  • Direct view of Sales Orders from the Product Catalog Database

  • Sales Funnel to help you visualize weaknesses in your funnel

✅Marketing, Sponsorship and Ads

  • Plan marketing campaigns, sponsorships and ad spends

  • Calculate return on ad spend/ quality of marketing automatically, and double down on your best channels

✅Product Catalog

  • Keep track of inventory with inventory manager

  • Track your sales by product

  • Tag your promo material from the content database to your products

✅Outgoing Orderbook

  • Easily add order into your orderbook, tag customers from the built-in backend CRM.

✅Invoice Template

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