FinanceOS: All Features✅Funding Module

  • Add funding round information based on source

  • Templates for Grants, Equity Round, Convertible Notes and Debt Round

  • Automatically calculate debt and convertible note conversions using built in formulas as soon as you enter details of the round

  • Automated cap table calculations

✅Accounting and Cashflow Statements

  • Tag incoming funding to source

  • Tag Expenses to Source of Funding to automatically calculate balance

  • Tag revenue using monthly tags, and a sub-property feature for easy sorting

  • Asset and liability calculator

  • Appreciation and depreciation based value computation for your assets for bookkeeping

✅Salary Tracker✅Subscription Tracker

  • Subscription Templates and Salary Templates to help you estimate burn rate

✅Burn Rate and Runway Estimator✅Cap Table Module

  • Automatically generate a cap table using funding round information

  • Uses the automated cap table calculation to generate a clean pie table chart using Mermaid!

✅VC Contacts and Firms Integration and Board-View Tracking

(👑Full StartOS/ Requires ConnectOS)

  • ⚙️Tag VCs to round

  • ⚙️Conversation tracking with CRM integration. Tag meeting notes to the meeting easily

  • ⚙️Integrated tracking of your VC contacts and firms and stage of contact using a board

✅Financial Projections

  • Pre-engineered AI prompts to help with financial projection!

  • Project as well as you can in Excel- just 20x faster!

✅Startup Valuations

  • Discounted Cashflow based valuation template

✅Cap Table Module

  • Automatic Cap Table calculation based on the execution of instruments such as SAFEs/ C-Notes, and Equity fundraising

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