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I built a $10,000 Notion brand from scratch.Just 6 months into my journey as a Notion Creator.

The Growth Gurus are wrong.

You don't need 10,000 followers.

At the time I made 10K, I had 986 X followers.

The secret?Kickass Product Hunt Launches that:

1) Created a reputation

2) Built a brand for StartOS

3) Generated insane traffic on my website! Over 10K unique visitors per month during the launch period.

4) Made me $10,000 using sales tactics and conversion hacks for landing pages I learnt from experts.

You can now steal my playbook.Launching well consistently on Product Hunt is not luck. It’s preparation.
There IS a method.

Your launch will be made in the 2 months before the launch day, and the first four hours of launch day.

Yes, successful launches take work, and that why most people fail.

I’ll teach you how I did this 👇 as a solo creator. And how you can too.

😻 I got Product of the Day #4!

🥇 I got Product of the Day #1!

🥉 I got Product of the Day #3!

😻And I got #6 on a competitive midweek, that generated a lot of traffic:

And then I completely crushed it with StartOS, with over 740 upvotes!

I used this strategy to get conversions for my $200+ template- StartOS.What you really need to compete with SaaS products on Product Hunt, and get the best quality traffic, and then convert them into sales.
This course is for those who are serious about getting a top 5 product launch on PH.

I will cover:

  1. Launch Prep

  2. Launch strategy and distribution

  3. My hacks to build a loyal PH follower base that gives you consistent support, with Rohan Chaubey, top growth hacker and Product Hunter.

  4. How to optimize a landing page for conversion, courtesy of my friend Shane from Convertio.

  5. Post launch tips, and so much more.

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